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Makers Lab

Fall into the gravity of CREATIVITY

In the Maker’s Lab
Exciting ongoing demos all day featuring:
*Vacuum forming
*Miniature painting and customizing
*Foam cutting/fabrication
*3D Printing
*Sculpting w/Monster Clay and CosClay
*Diorama secrets
*Tony Harris’ personal custom Star Wars costumes
*kids hands-on projects
*and so much more

Steve Bugg

\\Steve Bugg

In addition to working with Toylanta/Joelanta for the past 20 years, Steve Bugg worked in the teen club business from late 60s to mid 70s. Worked as a crew member of the south eastern tour of The musical “TOMMY”. Worked at “Creative Systems Group / Fantasy Factory” in Atlanta, Georgia, worked on projects - such as remodeled “Lionel Toy Stores” with there new “ Sporting Goods” area, booths and fixtures for “The World of Sid and Marty Krofft” A amusement park at the Omni hotel complex in Atlanta mid 70’s built theme record stores “OZ RECORDS AND TAPES”, STAR SHIP RECORDS” then produced promotional robots for companies like Coca-Cola Atlanta, McDonald’s in Australia,
 french fry robot for Burger King, Budweiser company, Taylor wines And many others and Educational Robots for the Police Departments  in the US. Got involved with dioramas in the early 90s and still enjoy The art of Dioramas.

Clay Sayre

\\Clay Sayre

Clay Sayre is an artist whose work sometimes leans toward the goofy side of horrific.  He is a teacher by day, but has also done duty as a graphic artist, makeup FX artist, model builder and even an actor.  He currently builds life-size display figures, including this years full-scale 60's GI Joe. He  loves it because he gets to use all his skills of making, sculpting, design, fabricating,  painting, and detailing to make "the ultimate action figure".


\\Toniet Gallego

As a kid, Toniet Gallego always had a passion for drawing celebrity portraits from her favorite TV shows and movies. Naturally she would later be drawn to repainting dolls and action figures. Toniet freelances as a Makeup Artist, Wardrobe and Props Stylist in Film, TV, Theater and Commercials. Over the years, she has acquired a variety of skills which she now applies towards creating miniature scale props, dioramas, wardrobe, etc. in addition to her doll and action figure repaints.


\\Chuck Chiriaco

Chuck Chiriaco is an action figure enthusiast. He collects, customizes, restores, and photographs all types of action figures! During the day, he teaches Math and is a part time soldier.



Buddy Finethy

\\Buddy Finethy

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