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The History of JoeLanta:
Our toy show first began as JoeLanta; a little event focusing on vintage, 12" GI Joes and the friends that we've made through collecting. We were surprised from the start at the number of people who came out to be part of the fun! After about a decade of being JoeLanta, we realized that the show had expanded far beyond those vintage, 12" GI Joes and we changed the name to "ToyLanta" so that people wouldn't feel that they had to be GI Joe collectors to attend. However, those 12" Joes and the friendships that we've built over the years through collecting them are still at the heart of this show. We've created the JoeLanta Track to cater to the vintage 12" Joe collector. These are the events that are heavily geared towards the spirit of JoeLanta!

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