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     RetroBlasting researches and analyzes all things retro, from old school to reboots, always with a sense of humor. They put everything from Atari to Transformers under the microscope with the goal of deconstructing the properties and letting you see them in a new light. They pride themselves on being an independent and honest voice that doesn’t pull punches when reviewing toys, cartoons, movies, comics, and geek culture.

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Toy Smuggler Kevin Sexton
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\\Kevin Sexton

     Kevin has been a comic book artist for the past eleven years but, an artist for the past 44 years. He has completed his own line of comic books, 13 to be exact entitled: “Vampyres: Dalton Nights, Bigfoot, and Paranormal Chasers” and he is a self published and writer. He has now written, directed, and starred in 4 films based upon the Paranormal Chasers Books.

     Over the last seven years he has became a sculptor and has recently began producing his own line of action figures and trophies for local teams. His sculpting capabilities have grown and earned him awards at past conventions such as Wonderfest in Louisville, KY for his diorama of Indiana Jones.  He also won a “Merit of Fine Art” award on his sculpture simply titled Minotaur. He is currently working on several commissioned products included one for Santiago Cirilo of AMC’s Walking Dead, called “Zombie Headhunter”.
     He has 21 years of experience as a professional wrestler holding 17 title belts in his career. He is currently working with other directors as a stunt fight choreographer.
    For the past several months Kevin has been sculpting Vintage Star Wars toys, for a UK based company called Smith Lords Creations. He is their very first US base artist, plus he has sculpted the largest toy for the company to this date. Kevin is current working vintage style MEGO figures for Santiago Cirilo. They plan to also collaborate on a Dread Drake figure from Paranormal Chasers as well.

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Sonya Thompson 2
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Sonya Thompson 1

\\Sonya Thompson

Sonya Thompson, actress, author, producer, director and artist. She has played roles from detective to zombie, not only in film but also prime time TV. She is known for her main zombie roles in the film 'Zombieland' and the hit TV show 'The Walking Dead'(Season's 1 & 2). Her modeling experience came in handy as a promo zombie for the TV show 'The Walking Dead' and those photos are some of the most seen in the world for advertisement. She has been featured on the magazine covers,  posters, tee shirts, bill boards, DVD/Blu Ray covers, trading cards and has also been featured in the Walking Dead Comic book issue #75, along side the main cast.

One of her most loved roles was on the webseries 'Lumber Baron of Jasper county' in which she played the role of a tomboy named Sam. Other roles include, Catherine in the movie 'LWA:All Saints' Eve; Alice in the movie 'The Lost Day' starring William Baldwin and Danny Trejo; Victoria Stubaker in the film 'Prosper'; Maude in the movie "Bigfoot", Flo in the film 'This Old Machine'; Detective Chelsea in 'Ebony Knight'; The Under the bed Patient in 'Sick People' starring C Thomas Howell and Jasmine Guy; Mrs Wilkes in 'The Runner'; Victoria the librarian in All Hallows Evil: Lord of the Harvest; Jasmine in the film 'Sprout'; The receptionist in the movie 'The System', A cancer Patient in the TV show Sid Roth's Its Supernatural, and a detective in the film 'Encuéntrate'. She has appeared in H2 as a dead nurse, Van Wilder Freshman year as a professor, and many more. She wrote a zombie guide called "I am zombie, hear me Snarl" Co director and producer on the web pilot: 'Akkadia'; Segment Director on the Movie Cry For Revenge; Producer for the documentary: "Storm"; She also appears in the documentary: 'The Write Of Passage' as her self. She did a voice over for a My little pony fan film, as 'AppleJack'



An IG influencer posting 1/6 related doll photos with over 250k followers.

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