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ToyLanta is a conglomeration of JoeLanta & the Cody Lane Memorial Toy and Diorama Museum! Click below to read more information on each entity!

About ToyLanta

For more than a decade, Joelanta has been an annual event bringing toy collectors and pop culture enthusiasts from across the country together in Atlanta to celebrate the joys of toys and friendship! Not only will you find vendors selling a variety of vintage and modern toys such as GI Joe, Barbie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mego, Transformers, Star Wars, Super Powers, Masters of the Universe, a wide variety of 1:6 scale figures and accessories plus magazines, comic books & lunch boxes; but you’ll also have an opportunity to meet celebrities, see costumers and check out a variety of toy dioramas!

Starting in 2014 to keep up with our loyal fans appetite for all things Toys and Pop Culture, Joelanta expanded to a full 2 day Convention and added The Great Atlanta Toy Convention with World known and Regional Special Guests, exciting Panels, Cosplay Contest, Custom Figure and Diorama Contests and a Pop Culture Car Show! As the show continued to grow with the Transformers trac expanding to it's own event (Botlanta) it was announced at the 2017 Convention that the show would be renamed Toylanta. Toylanta incorporates all the following brands: Joelanta, The Great Atlanta Toy Convention and Botlanta under one defining banner.  

For those who want to get the full experience you may sign up for the Commanders Package or the Early Bird 3-Day Pass to get involved in field tours and other events starting as early as Wednesday (check the Schedule of Events to see what is available). With the Commanders Package or the Early Bird 3-Day Pass, you’ll get early-bird access to the dealer room on both Saturday and Sunday, join the gang for the GI Joe parachute drop in the lobby, and a festival of film shorts and a concert by the band Radio Cult.

Toylanta is different from most toy shows in several ways. First, Toylanta is created and run by The Cody Lane Foundation; a non-profit organization who’s goal is to create The Cody Lane Memorial Toy and Diorama Museum. All proceeds from Toylanta go directly to The Cody Lane Foundation. Second, although Toylanta assembles one of the largest numbers of toy vendors in the United States, it is much more than just a toy show.There are costumers, dioramas, events, and more. Third, Toylanta is a welcoming group of friends who love toys and pop culture. They are excited about talking to friends, both new and old, about their interests and they truly love to share in their joys of toys!

Stop on by and see what all the fun is about! We’ll see you there!

For more information on The Cody Lane Foundation please click here!


Toylanta is proudly sponsored by Cotswold Collectibles!




We strive for ToyLanta to be the best experience possible! Please be courteous to all patrons! There are many valuable items being sold/displayed- so please use the proper trash receptacles when discarding garbage.

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